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Professional vs. “DIY” Pest Control

The saying “you get what you pay for” rings true when determining the value of a “DIY” pest control remedy versus professional pest control management programs.

While “DIY” pest control has its place, it’s essential to know and understand when it is appropriate to ensure an infestation does not occur in your home or office.  If you watch your cat, bring in one mouse they are proud to present to you and let it go in your home; catch the mouse and get rid of it.  This is a perfect example of a “DIY” pest control project. However, in most other situations, you should call a professional.  

It is important to remember when you notice a problem with pests, you likely see a minimal reality of what is living inside your home.  Most pests do as we should when hiking in the woods; they leave no trace.  They stay covered and away until the humans in the home make the house dark, and there is stillness as everyone is in bed, and then they emerge. The primary issue with “DIY” pest control is that if it is not successful in irradicating the problem, pests’ reproduction is significant, and a larger issue can occur quickly.  

DID YOU KNOW? Cockroaches can produce hundreds of offspring in 1 year.  

If you have ten cockroaches in your home start by the end of 1 month, you now have 250, which becomes 500 by month two.  A professional can use their knowledge, professional-grade products, and prior experience to combat the problem before the ten pests become 500, which could be 1,000 in three months if not taken care of properly.  Please don’t risk the problem multiplying by trying to do it yourself; call a professional to ensure you keep your home free from pests.   

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Pest Control

Pets & Pest Control

Let’s be honest; we are all willing to do whatever it takes for our pets to live a happy and healthy life with our families.  Have you considered the ramifications of pests on our pets’ lives?  Not all pesticide is harmful to our pets.  Possibly the most dangerous thing a pet owner could do when it comes to pest control is purchase a product from your local hardware store.  These “DIY” products are often very harmful to pets.  If you have a pet you adore, leave pest control to the professionals. 

Here are just a few pests that could be lurking that could be harmful to your pet:

Ticks: Ticks can cause blood loss, skin irritation, Lyme disease, and other diseases.   If your pet is scratching and has been outside, check for ticks. 

Bedbugs:  Bed bugs are a lot like ticks, and while they would choose a human before a pet when a human is not around, they will attach themselves to pets.  This also leads to itchy skin for your pets. 

Mice: While they may not physically come near your pets, these rodents bring with them disease, bacteria, and toxins that can be very harmful to your pets.  Along with infection, mice often bring fleas into the home.

Fleas: Fleas are prevalent for any animal to face. Fleas are parasitic pests and can jump up to a foot to catch a ride on your pet.  Fleas can cause animals to scratch to the point of infection.  Look for dirt-like specks on your animal for evidence of fleas. 

At McFadden Pest Control, we love our pets. Therefore, we promise to protect yours. 

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Pest Control

Charleston’s Pest: Winter Edition

The time of year and the weather it brings indicate what pests you are most likely to see here in the low country of South Carolina.

With the fall leading into winter bringing cooler temperatures, cockroaches are the most common pest you are likely to see around your home or office.  A baby cockroach is the size of a ballpoint pen and can run almost as fast as an adult cockroach.  This makes them hard to catch and see.  It takes an average of 36 days for these tiny cockroaches to become large adults.  When cockroaches are present in your home, they typically look for warmth and food.

Another common cooler-temperature pest here in Charleston is termites.  Termites are the pests that can cause the most damage because they eat 24 hours a day.  Termites cannot be ignored because they can be a much larger problem the longer you wait.   If you believe you have termites, you should seek professional help and guidance from McFadden Pest Control.  

Another common pest we are all typically uncomfortable living with is rodents, who also happen to move indoors as the temperatures drop.  These pests are generally visible and easy to spot or find their droppings.  Call a professional if you have taken these steps and still see signs of droppings around your home.    

TIP: Declutter your garage or attic to eliminate areas where rodents can nest.  

We often think of warmer temperatures when we think of pests but as the cooler weather moves in, so do new problems here in Charleston and the low country.  McFadden has a well-trained team to help eliminate these cooler-temperature pests that move in as the weather changes. 

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Pest Control

McFadden Pest Control: Your BFF

When you hear the words ‘pest control’, you might think to yourself I know I need to have a relationship with one, but I will call when I need one.  We challenge you to change your perspective.  Pest Control, often like a true best friend, is there for you to offer support over the changing seasons of your life, protect you, and, most importantly, provide a smile.  Here at McFadden Pest Control, we think about bugs, so you don’t have to.  As simple as that.   We would rather you have a relationship with a pest control company before you find yourself in need.

With forty-five years of business under our belt, McFadden Pest Control is THE family-owned pest control business in the low country.   We pride ourselves on providing the most modern, non-invasive, pet-safe techniques to keep your home free of unwanted pests and critters, including roaches, mosquitos, wasps, termites, rodents, and more.  

Here is a list of services that we offer:

  • Pest Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Termite Bond
  • Termite Treatment
  • Rodent Control

In addition to your home, don’t forget about your office, boat, taxidermy (yes, even your taxidermy), and more.  We offer various services and plans to ensure that all your property is pest and termite free.  

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