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Pest Control and the Importance of Spring Cleaning

We all know the tell-all signs that Spring has sprung. Flowers blooming and temperatures rising mean it’s time for Spring cleaning. Warmer weather tends to encourage us to open doors and windows to let in the fresh Spring air. All of these factors also mean the potential for new pests is high. Keeping your home clean is one of the most effective ways to keep the pests moving right past your home and on to their next location.

Two of the most common spring pests that make their way inside here in the low country are cockroaches and ants. Cockroaches can be hurtful to your family. They leave behind germs and can cause allergic reactions for those with allergies. Ants are one of those pests that are very difficult to get rid of once they enter, so no one wants to see evidence of them! This is why spring cleaning is vital to keeping these pests out of your home. McFadden Pest Control has a list of tips to help you navigate:

Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Keep Pests Away

  1. Deep Clean the Kitchen – The kitchen is where pests often make their way when they enter a home. They are looking for the crumbs that made their way under the stove that we have not seen and/or forgotten about.  Pulling out your stove and refrigerator in order to get all crumbs is important during a good spring clean.  Also, wiping down all the pantry shelves with soap and water to remove any crumbs left behind is critical.
  2. Wash out your Garbage Cans – It’s important to use soap and water to wash out the garbage cans to help keep pests away. This will eliminate the crumbs and residue that get stuck on the bottom or around the lid of the can.  These are the areas that attract the pests that we do not want around.
  3. Fix any Leaks – Pests need water to survive. Spring is often when we see people begin to water the lawn.  It is important to ensure that there is not a steady water leak around a hose outside because this will bring pests close to the doors of your home. Then this allows them to enter! Look under every sink in your home and make sure to wipe them down and ensure there are no leaks or standing water.
  4. Vacuum the Furniture – Furniture will pick up crumbs from our late-night snacks and debris left on our clothing from meals and travel throughout the day.  This is exactly what pests are looking for; dirty furniture acts as their buffet.  A thorough vacuum will help eliminate this as a potential bait for pests.

While all of these spring-cleaning tips can help fight the pest battle, hiring a professional is the most effective way to fight.  McFadden Pest Control is ready and waiting for your call today.

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Pest Control

Celebrating 45 Years!

McFadden Pest Control believes in serving the community and celebrating!  Founded in 1978 by Tom McFadden, McFadden Pest Control has been putting their client’s needs first in every decision that is made. Over the past forty-five years, McFadden Pest Control has been humbled by the kind words of your reviews and testimonials.   In honor of celebrating the past forty-five years and hitting 100+ Google Reviews, we decided to celebrate by looking back through all the reviews left by our clients, and it was so much fun!  All the fun we had searching made us want you, as our client, to have a little fun searching. 

Cheers to more five-star reviews from our amazing customers. 

Brandy W.- Heath and the rest of the crew at McFadden’s were extremely knowledgeable and fast to solve problems we had with both termites and powder post beetles. I would highly recommend their effective and affordable services.

Louise M.– We are 100% pleased with McFadden Pest Control. They are punctual, friendly, and knowledgeable. You won’t go wrong with McFadden!

Richard D.– McFadden is always on time, very friendly, and does quality work. Best pest control company I have ever dealt with.

Bennet M.– I’ve been a very satisfied customer for over 10 years. McFadden Pest Control has solved every pest problem I’ve had. Their service is always prompt, friendly, and reasonable. Mr. McFadden and Heath have gone above and beyond for me on a number of occasions.

Search for words that brightened our day!

We hope that McFadden Pest Control brings you as much joy as you have brought us over the last 45 years.  Cheers to many more!

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Pest Infestation

In Charleston, some pests are more common than others. Regardless, they all have the ability to take over your home and/or business. Once this occurs, you now have a pest infestation.  A pest infestation is a large number of insects or animals that cause damage or bring disease.  This often occurs because of weather changes, food or water shortages for the pest, or habitat loss.

Have no fear! McFadden Pest Control knows the signs to look for to determine if you have a pest infestation at your home or business:

  • Termites
    1. Peeling paint that looks like water damage or buckling
    1. Mud tubes – tunnels running up trees or structures on or in your home
    1. Crumbling, damaged wood
    1. Abandoned wings left from swarming reproductive termites
  • Rodents
    1. Scratching sounds in your walls
    1. Nesting materials, specifically in your attic
    1. Signs of chewing on food packages
  • Roaches
    1. Smear marks on walls that are dark and irregular in shape
    1. Droppings that look like coffee grounds
    1. A musty smell
  • Ants
    1. Large piles of dirt around the outside of your home
    1. Visibly seeing ants walking around

Don’t regret seeing the signs and not taking action!  Call McFadden Pest Control to schedule a complimentary estimate for the problem associated with the evidence you are seeing!

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Quarterly Pest Control

There’s no question about it…pests can appear in any home at any moment. We try and deal with pests through do-it-yourself treatments, one-time pest treatments, and quarterly pest control. With one-time pest control treatments, you, as the homeowner, are fully responsible for recognizing an issue and scheduling the service. You need to be aware of signs that lead to a problem before the problem arises. 

3 common signs:

  1. Droppings: This is usually one of the first signs that homeowners/business owners notice. Pests don’t have any problem leaving behind droppings everywhere they go!
  2. Chewed Items:  Rodents, specifically, will eat just about anything. They can chew through bags, boxes, and even clothing or rugs. A pantry is one of the most popular places to see chewed items. 
  3. Strange Smells: Individuals may smell something that is musty and pungent. This could be a sign of pest urine. Don’t ignore a new smell at your property!

With a quarterly pest control treatment plan, the responsibility comes off the property owner. You can count on McFadden Pest Control to schedule, treat, and maintain your property before the last treatment becomes ineffective. The signs won’t be present because McFadden Pest Control preemptively addresses the issue.  Another advantage to quarterly pest control is budget! The expense to treat an unexpected pest infestation is much larger compared to a budgeted expense with quarterly pest control.  What is the best part of quarterly pest control? The warranty. If pests somehow enter your property after treatment, simply call McFadden Pest Control, and we will remedy the situation at no extra cost!  With these advantages, quarterly pest control is a great choice for a property owner.

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