Cheers to 45 Years: Hear From Founder, Tom McFadden

May 18, 2023

Tom McFadden started McFadden Pest Control in 1978. He had a regular 7:00A.M to 3:00P.M job and decided to start his company in the evenings after he got home from work. He had a young family, and after his friends started asking him to take care of the insects in their homes, he realized it could be a great extra income for them. On his first day, he had about six clients and would meet their needs after 3:00 P.M.

We asked Tom McFadden a series of questions, and his answers clearly explained why the business has been successful. His heart is part of the business, and he truly sees people and their generosity. Tom’s humble spirit was pronounced in the answers to the questions. We hope that you will read this interview and understand that when you hire McFadden Pest Control, you are valuable to their family.

“What are you most proud of today in the business?”  “How successful the business has progressed and how proud I am of the report we have always had with the clients,” Tom genuinely stated.

We also asked him to tell us something he would never forget that involved McFadden Pest control. He was reminded of a client “who was a young boy, ill with cancer, and had an infestation of roaches. It was terrible. They had eaten the labels off of the canned goods and were falling out of cabinets”.  He was in and out that day, working hard to get rid of the problem. Despite all of the client’s hardships, he offered for Tom to sit down and have coffee and toast with him. While reflecting on this event, Tom said, “It touched my heart that he wanted to show hospitality to me, and I carry that with me to this day. Take time to help.”

We asked him if he ever thought about handing the business over to a family member, and he said, “no”.  He thought for sure Heath was going to go and work in business in Washington D.C., and after graduation, when he called to ask if he could come home and work with him, they immediately worked out a plan to get Tom ready for retirement. He said that he knew the clients were in good hands because they knew his work ethic, which was the most important thing to him.

Tom still rides around with Heath to see his old clients. “They are like family; we have watched them grow over the years, as they have done the same with mine.”

Tom values the customers. He remembers every phone call made before a pest treatment suggesting he come hungry because there would be something waiting for him. He remembers the children of clients and their activities or where they went to school. He remembers clients who stopped what they were doing to talk to him.  He not only remembers, but he values them. Tom said, “What a blessing McFadden Pest Control has been, and I hope that with trust in God, that will continue.”

We believe this glimpse into the heart of McFadden Pest Control shows our clients that this isn’t just a business but a family. When you trust McFadden Pest Control with your home and loved ones, you become a valued member of the family.

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