It’s A Family Affair

December 9, 2022

McFadden Pest Control will be celebrating its 45th Anniversary this upcoming year. Since the company’s founding in 1978 by Tom McFadden, McFadden Pest Control has provided homes and businesses in the Charleston, SC community with friendly, personal pest control services.

Owned and operated by Heath Gunther, grandson of Tom McFadden, McFadden Pest Control has grown in size and services. However, one thing stays constant – our dedication to our families. After being in business for forty-five years, we have been able to serve thousands of households and businesses, many are multi-generational families. Something that we don’t take lightly and are honored to watch. For all our clients who know Tom McFadden, he still pops into the office frequently and stays updated on the business’s growth.

We recently asked Heath Gunther what sets McFadden Pest Control apart from others in the industry. His response was simple, “We focus on client satisfaction and excellent customer service. That means courteous, professional technicians and staff that respect how important your home and family are to you.”

We are excited to announce that we will be celebrating the 45th Anniversary throughout 2023, with a client appreciation event in February to kick off the celebrations. Please stay tuned and connected through our social media channels for additional details and information on the occasion.

Again, we are honored to have served our community for the past forty-five years and look forward to many years to come. Cheers to you, our McFadden Pest Control family!

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