Pest Control At Your Rental Property

March 2, 2023
Pest Control At Your Rental Property

If you own an Airbnb or a rental property, you know they are an investment, taking time, money, and due diligence. It is important to remember that you might have little control over who rents or visits your property. Intrusive pests are known to hitch a ride on suitcases, backpacks, and purses, all items coming and going through the doors of your rental property.

Don’t just sit back and wait for a negative review to put you into action to take care of a pest problem. Hiring a pest control company to help you before a problem that guests can see is vital to the success of your rental. Reviews are what make sales in the rental property world! McFadden Pest Control will send in our professionals to do an overview of what potential problems we see that are typical for the area of your rental. We offer reasonable rates and promise to give you our best service so that you can sit back and know that pests will not appear on any reviews!

Here are a few tips on what you can do to avoid any pest problems, along with a plan of action from McFadden:

  • Seal up any gaps around doors and windows.
  • Keep the roof and gutters in good condition.
  • Make sure you provide a sealed trash bin.
  • Provide airtight storage containers for food items, such as rice and pantry items.
  • Provide Clorox wipes for guests to clean up after meals.
  • Let’s ensure you are successful in your rental property and keep the human guests coming through the doors rather than the pests!

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