Celebrating 45 Years!

April 19, 2023

McFadden Pest Control believes in serving the community and celebrating! Founded in 1978 by Tom McFadden, McFadden Pest Control has been putting their client’s needs first in every decision that is made. Over the past forty-five years, McFadden Pest Control has been humbled by the kind words of your reviews and testimonials. In honor of celebrating the past forty-five years and hitting 100+ Google Reviews, we decided to celebrate by looking back through all the reviews left by our clients, and it was so much fun! All the fun we had searching made us want you, as our client, to have a little fun searching.

Cheers to more five-star reviews from our amazing customers.

Brandy W.– Heath and the rest of the crew at McFadden’s were extremely knowledgeable and fast to solve problems we had with both termites and powder post beetles. I would highly recommend their effective and affordable services.

Louise M.– We are 100% pleased with McFadden Pest Control. They are punctual, friendly, and knowledgeable. You won’t go wrong with McFadden!

Richard D.– McFadden is always on time, very friendly, and does quality work. Best pest control company I have ever dealt with.

Bennet M.– I’ve been a very satisfied customer for over 10 years. McFadden Pest Control has solved every pest problem I’ve had. Their service is always prompt, friendly, and reasonable. Mr. McFadden and Heath have gone above and beyond for me on a number of occasions.

Search for words that brightened our day!

We hope that McFadden Pest Control brings you as much joy as you have brought us over the last 45 years. Cheers to many more!

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