Charleston’s Pest: Winter Edition

January 13, 2023

The time of year and the weather it brings indicate what pests you are most likely to see here in the low country of South Carolina.

The time of year and the weather it brings indicate what pests you are most likely to see here in the low country of South Carolina.

With the fall leading into winter bringing cooler temperatures, cockroaches are the most common pest you are likely to see around your home or office. A baby cockroach is the size of a ballpoint pen and can run almost as fast as an adult cockroach. This makes them hard to catch and see. It takes an average of 36 days for these tiny cockroaches to become large adults. When cockroaches are present in your home, they typically look for warmth and food.

Another common cooler-temperature pest here in Charleston is termites. Termites are the pests that can cause the most damage because they eat 24 hours a day. Termites cannot be ignored because they can be a much larger problem the longer you wait. If you believe you have termites, you should seek professional help and guidance from McFadden Pest Control.

Another common pest we are all typically uncomfortable living with is rodents, who also happen to move indoors as the temperatures drop. These pests are generally visible and easy to spot or find their droppings. Call a professional if you have taken these steps and still see signs of droppings around your home.

TIP: Declutter your garage or attic to eliminate areas where rodents can nest.

We often think of warmer temperatures when we think of pests but as the cooler weather moves in, so do new problems here in Charleston and the low country. McFadden has a well-trained team to help eliminate these cooler-temperature pests that move in as the weather changes.

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