Embracing Family Values: Heath’s Perspective

July 12, 2023

Working alongside my grandfather at McFadden Pest Control (MPC) has been a transformative experience that has shaped both my personal and professional life. Originally planning to pursue a degree in Hospital Administration, my journey took an unexpected turn when my grandfather contemplated retirement. This blog explores the valuable lessons I learned, the cherished memories we shared, the deep relationships with our clients, and my vision for the future of MPC.

1. Embracing Change and Following My Passion:
When my grandfather discussed the potential future of the family business, it sparked a desire within me to explore the world of entrepreneurship and marketing. With a minor in Sports and Entertainment, I decided to switch my degree and embrace the opportunity to contribute to the legacy of MPC in a unique way.

2. The Power of Respect:
The most important lesson my grandfather imparted on me was to treat every client with utmost respect. This meant valuing their time, their homes, their families, and recognizing the inherent equality we all share. Respecting clients extends beyond business; it has become a guiding principle in my daily life. Valuable lessons such as punctuality, customer satisfaction, attentiveness, and honesty have proven to be invaluable to our success at MPC.

3. The Beauty of Teamwork and Client Relationships:
Working at MPC is a perfect balance between collaborating with our dedicated team and fostering relationships with our clients. I consider every member of our team as family – we support one another through life’s ups and downs, bond outside of work, and work together diligently. Equally rewarding are the relationships we build with our clients, whether they are new or long-standing. Each day, I find joy in helping them solve their pest problems and going the extra mile.

4. Unforgettable Moments and Laughter:
Over the 12+ years I’ve worked at MPC, there have been countless memorable moments. One that stands out is when my grandfather accidentally spilled an entire big gulp diet coke on his lap. In a humorous turn of events, we had to make an unplanned stop at a client’s house to clean up the mess. Their kindness in providing paper towels and a hairdryer added to the laughter, although my grandfather may not have found it as amusing as I did.

5. Treasuring Our Clients:
Our clients hold immeasurable value, not only because they support our business but also because of the deep relationships we develop with them. We go beyond mere pest control services; we exchange texts, send Christmas cards, and share warm greetings in unexpected places like Costco. The bond we form with our clients reflects the heart of MPC and the gratitude we feel for their trust.

6. Growth with Values:
While we have transactional goals for measuring growth, my vision for MPC goes beyond mere numbers. I strive to create a healthy work environment that prioritizes the well-being and happiness of our employees. Faith, Family, Community, Accountability, and Integrity are the core values that guide us. As we grow, I am committed to maintaining these values, ensuring that we never compromise on what truly matters.

7. Nurturing the Next Generation:
As for the future, I remain uncertain if our sons will join the family business. I believe in providing them the freedom to choose their own career paths and follow their passions. Whether they decide to work in pest control or pursue different endeavors, my hope is to be a role model they can look up to, offering guidance and support as they navigate their own paths to success. Working alongside my grandfather at MPC has been a profound experience, shaping my outlook on business and life. The lessons I learned about respect, teamwork, and nurturing relationships have not only contributed to the success of our business but have also become fundamental principles that guide me daily. As I look towards the future, I envision a growth that aligns with our core values, while nurturing a harmonious work environment. Ultimately, my greatest aspiration is to be a positive influence for my children, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and make a lasting impact in their chosen paths

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