Partnerships and Giving Back

June 9, 2023
Partnerships and Giving Back

Maya Angelou once said “If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded” and we at McFadden could not agree more. While we feel successful as a business due to our customers’ positive experience with our team, we feel the true success of our business has been our ability to partner and give back to our local community.

This year we have had the privilege of partnering with causes we truly care about!
Most recently we were able to partner with the William Brian Moody Foundation to sponsor a hole at their annual golf tournament. This organization was founded in honor of Brian Moody who died of glioblastoma brain cancer. They partner with other foundations to support cancer patients.
We also sponsored a hole for The Point at their annual golf tournament. This foundation is a women’s organization that focuses on supporting women suffering from ill health as well as women who are working toward the betterment of their families.

McFadden has also chosen to support Pickles People, an organization founded in honor of Eliza Cate. This organization focuses on bringing awareness to childhood cancer. With this awareness, comes support and assistance for families who experience the hardships of childhood cancer. CHS2020League is another fantastic organization. Their goal is to prepare future college athletes not only with the basketball skills they will need but also with the life skills necessary to be independent and successful. We also partnered with Toys for Tots in order to continue to support local families.

We are proud sponsors of each one of these groups who have dedicated their time to support others in our community! Because you choose McFadden Pest Control, we can make a difference!

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