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January 18, 2023
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Let’s be honest; we are all willing to do whatever it takes for our pets to live a happy and healthy life with our families. Have you considered the ramifications of pests on our pets’ lives? Not all pesticide is harmful to our pets. Possibly the most dangerous thing a pet owner could do when it comes to pest control is purchase a product from your local hardware store. These “DIY” products are often very harmful to pets. If you have a pet you adore, leave pest control to the professionals.

Here are just a few pests that could be lurking that could be harmful to your pet:

Ticks: Ticks can cause blood loss, skin irritation, Lyme disease, and other diseases. If your pet is scratching and has been outside, check for ticks.

Bedbugs: Bed bugs are a lot like ticks, and while they would choose a human before a pet when a human is not around, they will attach themselves to pets. This also leads to itchy skin for your pets.

Mice: While they may not physically come near your pets, these rodents bring with them disease, bacteria, and toxins that can be very harmful to your pets. Along with infection, mice often bring fleas into the home.

Fleas: Fleas are prevalent for any animal to face. Fleas are parasitic pests and can jump up to a foot to catch a ride on your pet. Fleas can cause animals to scratch to the point of infection. Look for dirt-like specks on your animal for evidence of fleas.

At McFadden Pest Control, we love our pets. Therefore, we promise to protect yours.

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