Quarterly Pest Control

April 5, 2023
Quarterly Pest Control

There’s no question about it…pests can appear in any home at any moment. We try and deal with pests through do-it-yourself treatments, one-time pest treatments, and quarterly pest control. With one-time pest control treatments, you, as the homeowner, are fully responsible for recognizing an issue and scheduling the service. You need to be aware of signs that lead to a problem before the problem arises.

3 Common Signs:

  1. Droppings: This is usually one of the first signs that homeowners/business owners notice. Pests don’t have any problem leaving behind droppings everywhere they go!
  2. Chewed Items: Rodents, specifically, will eat just about anything. They can chew through bags, boxes, and even clothing or rugs. A pantry is one of the most popular places to see chewed items.
  3. Strange Smells: Individuals may smell something that is musty and pungent. This could be a sign of pest urine. Don’t ignore a new smell at your property!

With a quarterly pest control treatment plan, the responsibility comes off the property owner. You can count on McFadden Pest Control to schedule, treat, and maintain your property before the last treatment becomes ineffective. The signs won’t be present because McFadden Pest Control preemptively addresses the issue. Another advantage to quarterly pest control is budget! The expense to treat an unexpected pest infestation is much larger compared to a budgeted expense with quarterly pest control. What is the best part of quarterly pest control? The warranty. If pests somehow enter your property after treatment, simply call McFadden Pest Control, and we will remedy the situation at no extra cost! With these advantages, quarterly pest control is a great choice for a property owner.

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