The Dropping Signs: What to Keep an Eye Out For

December 13, 2022

We, as humans, are trained to identify signs. We know that a hand wave signifies a friendly hello or a stop sign signifies to stop your vehicle. We study road signs before we are permitted to get a driver’s license, and we are trained to read signs on a door before entering an establishment. Meanwhile, pests leave signs all over your home for you to be able to identify. Do you keep an eye out?

Deciding who and what is occupying your home with you can be determined in many ways, but one of the best ways is by what they leave behind. An animal’s droppings can tell you precisely what is moving around in the attic, under the house, or even in your closet.

Here are the most common types of droppings that you will find in your home to help you in deciding if you need to call for help:

Mouse droppings measure about 3mm to 6mm and are dark brown or black. The droppings are small and smooth with a pointed end.

Roaches leave a good bit of droppings compared to other critters. Their droppings look like specs of pepper or coffee grounds most of the time; however, the larger the roaches, the larger the droppings. If you have giant bugs, the droppings will look more like dark cylinders with blunt ends and ridges down the side.

Tip: If you find roach droppings in your home, you will want to get professional help because they are some of the toughest pests to exterminate.

Bat guano is small and dark as well. They are elongated and turn to dust when touched. A bat’s droppings have a very distinct smell. The smell is musty and unpleasant. Bat guano fumes can be very harmful to humans over time.

Ant droppings are also very distinct, although a line of ants can sometimes be a more significant sign than what they leave behind. They leave behind a pile of what looks like wood dust, similar to termites.

Learning to read the signs of pests in your home will help you identify and respond appropriately to what is living in your home with you. We at McFadden Pest Control are ready to respond to a problem and educate you on the appropriate preventative process of quality pest control.

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